Network(ed) TV

SONICblue has acquired ReplayTV, and will release new ReplayTV digital video recorder/personal video recorder (DVR/PVR) units with Ethernet interfaces. This will allow the devices to share shows, either within one house, or even over broadband Internet connections.

I think SONICblue will have to overcome a good deal of brand disappointment caused by the original ReplayTV failure when they battled TiVo, the current PVR winner. Marc Zeedara, a happy TiVo user, thinks it may be worse; he worries that the new ReplayTV features — sharing programs and commercial-skipping — may cause the wrath of networks and others to rain down on all PVRs (cf. the iCraveTV case).

I like the idea of the new ReplayTVs, but they’re pricey, and I dislike the idea of buying more internal standalone disk drives instead of using the home fileserver (a Linux box running Samba, the fileserver currently provides general shared storage accessible remotely over the Internet via scp, a home for Eudora mailboxes, and MP3 storage for the Audiotron.)

So I think I’m going to try SnapStream and see how well that works first.